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Junk Mail

Credit card offers and refi offers usually come with prepaid envelopes. Always use these with your preprinted notes stapled to the section of the form with your address on it. Any stapled papers will be rejected by the automatic envelope opening machine and get personal attention by a human being. If enough of us send these in, the advertising companies will start including a check box for "Take me off your mailing list".


Magazine offers

Magazine and sales offers almost slways have postage paid envelopes and so get treated like credit card requests.


Charities that I have not contacted myself get the same treatment if they are not on the short list of organizations that I support. Some of these organizations send me a request for donation every week, others do it every two or three weeks. These letters represent a lot of wasted money that could be better spent. In most cases, charities cost me a stamp to send, but over time, this will save us both money.


Message Cards

I have made up pre-printed message cards to send to issuers of junk mail in the hope of reducing the volume of it that comes to the house. This is done to save national resources, landfill space and my time. Recycle the part of each letter that can be recycled. Each message asks the sender to remove my name from their mailing list and not to pass it on to others. Eight messages are printed on a page which I then cut up. I use red paper, but white is OK if that is all you have.


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Do not call list

The government do not call list telephone number is 888-382-1222. You must call from the phone number you are adding to the list.

Opt-out list

The Opt-out list telephone number is 888-567-8688. You should call from your own phone and arrange to be added to the list. Once on the list, credit reporting agencies will not direct credit card companies or others to your address or phone number.

Cell Phones

My children never needed cell phones because we have always had a 1 800 number at home. It cost us nothing untill we use it, and then it cost $.14/min.. That may seem high but they bill in .01 min. increments. The kids could always call home for a ride or help but they did not waste the phone gabbing with friends.

Bottled Water

Bottled Water iS never bought in mass like so many middle class people do. We rarely buy it except when on vacation in a place that we are unfamiliar with. Even then we refill the bottle several times before throwing it away. Mostly this has to do with the rules of the event prohibiting the bringing in of any drinks.

At home a bottle can last for months.


Magazines go to the library magazine exchange rack except those that I know will be read by people at work.

Newspapers and the white paper from junk mail go into the recycle box for the Ottawa County drop off site.

We keep a clean food can on the kitchen counter to put beer caps and other small pieces of seel in. Because I am always taking stuff apart for salvage or installing something in the house, this fills up fast. Many of the screws packed with products are of poor quality so I recycle them and use my own instead.